Chrome Paint

Chrome Paint Resprays for cars, motorbikes and boats.  Chrome adds a beautiful finishing touch to any vehicle, either revamp or restoration.  Bring your car, motorbike, truck, even boat back to life with a new, eye-catching shiny chrome finish!  Applying chrome spray paint is an ideal way to give a new look to your car. Chrome spray paint, when applied in the right way provides a stunning appearance to your car.  We’re the only spray-on chrome shop in the Tavira area.

Chrome Auto Paint Resprays - The Big Pink Paint Shop - Auto Resprays and Repairs Algarve Portugal
Chrome Auto Paint Resprays – The Big Pink Paint Shop – Auto Resprays and Repairs Algarve Portugal

Chrome Paint

An Amazing Chrome Paint Job for your Car

Our Chrome Auto Spray Paint represents the latest in reflective paint coating technology.  Its near-microscopic particle content provides superior surface orientation and unprecedented shine. Chrome spray paint can be used on any auto surface, from trim pieces and logos to full blown paint-jobs, the possibilities are endless! You can even use it to touch up any real chrome on your car or bike!  Got a scratch in the worst place?  Blend it away with chrome auto spray!

An easy way to bring your old car back to life, is by repainting it.  However, just any old paint won’t give that unique and stunning shine to your vehicle.  A chrome respray can provide that lustrous shine to your car. Chrome is the favorite color, when it comes to giving a shiny reflective coating to any vehicle. These are high quality paints often used by many car manufacturers. Of course, just one coat is not enough to get those satisfactory results. Usually, application of 3-4 coats is recommended to obtain that brilliant chrome finish. To make sure that the reflectivity of the paint is not affected, the metal is sometimes covered with a conductive over coating.

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There are so many features of chrome auto spray paint that distinguishes it from other ordinary car paints.  Restoring the chrome on a vehicle or motorcycle can bring it back to life. But sending parts away to be electroplated is a time consuming and expensive process.

Instead, restore your antique car, classic car, hot rod or motorcycle with the revolutionary spray-on chrome system from The Big Pink Paint Shop. Chroming will put a professional quality shine on any auto, motorcycle or part or panel.

A variety of colors are available to restore the shine on any car or motorcycle restoration.  Choose from silver, the candy colors of black, blue, gold, red, yellow or a custom colored chrome. Make an old classic look brand new with a new shiny chrome finish.

Scratch Proof

If you are using your fingernail to scratch a car that has been given a makeover with a chrome spray paint, then just forget it. This is because the paint is scratch resistant and so there is no way that fingernails or tree branches scraping alongside the car would cause scratches. Thus, the beauty of the car remains intact, even when it is plying on a road that is dotted with long tree branches. So, in case you are looking for a solution to protect your car from scratches, opting for chrome spray paint would certainly serve the purpose.

Rust Protection

Chrome spray paint is formulated to protect your car from rust. Made from anti-corrosion coating compounds, chrome spray paint certainly does an excellent job of preventing rust from forming on the car. Ordinary car paints wear away over time, thereby allowing oxygen to react with the metal underneath. This eventually triggers rusting of the metal. However, as chrome spray paint is both durable and corrosive resistant, your car will continue to display a characteristic shine for years to come. No wonder, it is often said that the longevity of real chrome finish is remarkably high.

On the whole, in case your car requires a paint job, a chrome spray paint would be the best option. This is because it produces a dazzling shine, which is long-lasting. It can also withstand the rigors of everyday use. Chrome can enhance the look of your used car, in a way that no other paint can. So if you are looking for that ultimate finish for your car, then go in for a chrome spray paint.

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