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The Big Pink Paint Shop – a professional and reliable auto body shop and chrome spray specialist in Tavira, Portugal, servicing the Algarve region of southern Portugal and the south-western areas of Spain, across to Seville.  With decade’s worth of experience in car and motorbike repair, our specialists deliver the highest quality of car body repairs. Our services include car paint scratch repairs, bumper scuff repairs, car dent repairs and alloy wheel repairs, plus our Chrome Auto Spray service!

The Big Pink Paint Shop

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Auto Spray Repairs & Resprays, Custom Chrome Car Sprays. Algarve, Portugal & South West Spain.

The Big Pink Paint Shop. Tavira, Algarve, Portugal and South West Spain

Did you bump your car?  Maybe a scratch along the side from a wall or parking bollard?

It’s a pain, we know.  But we can help!  We’re your local car and bike spray specialists in southern Portugal, offering a painless and cost-effective re-spray service.  We’ll get your scratched vehicle looking like new again, with seamless partial resprays and minor dent repairs.

Body Shop

Our body shop in Tavira is a hive of activity!  We’re happy to say that we constantly have a number of projects – small and big – on the go!

Don’t let a pesky dent spoil your day!  Our team has everything we need to fix all makes and models of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. Whether it’s a scuffed alloy wheel, or any minor paint or light body work damage, we can fix it!  No fuss, mo messing about, just a great job and a great price!  We can even collect your vehicle!

Get your car is in great shape with us.

Vehicle Restorations

We love restoring cars – especially classic cars!  We’ve helped with quite a few very special vehicles, too.  We know cars and bikes, and we know how to look after them.  We also know classic cars and we know how to look after them.  Our full body resprays of classic cars and bikes has earned us something of a reputation over the decades.

We’re a team of highly capable and experienced bodywork specialists, and genuinely enjoy our work!  Over the years, we’ve worked with many auto companies, here in Portugal, but also in the UK and Spain, too.  We’ll be bringing you some photographs of our restoration projects very soon – stay tuned!

Chrome Finish Auto Spray

It protects your car or bike – and it looks fan-bloody-tastic!

Made from anti-corrosion coating compounds, chrome spray paint certainly does an excellent job of preventing rust from forming on the car.


Car Transport Services, UK, Ireland, Spain & Portugal

Cars-Go-Transport offer reliable and professional car transport services between the UK & Ireland, to and from Spain & Portugal.

Our door-to-door car transport service is quick, reliable and fully insured.  Our modern, multi-car transporter vehicles are regularly maintained for a guaranteed quality service.

Our standard car transport routes from Spain and Portugal to and from the UK & Ireland pass through Spain, reaching the northern coast from where ferries are taken to the UK.

Cars Go Transport - Car Transport Shipping UK Ireland Spain Portugal OG01
Cars Go Transport – Car Transport Shipping UK Ireland Spain Portugal

Cars Go Transport

As they say…

“We’re Cars-Go-Transport, possibly the best car transport and shipping company running in Europe! We’ve been moving things between the UK and Ireland and Spain and Portugal for decades and we know what we’re doing! We’re efficient, professional and give great customer service! Ask for a quote, you won’t regret it!”

Cars-Go-Transport’s fully insured and compliant car transport service offers you complete peace of mind at prices that just can’t be beaten. Our decades of experience in pan-European vehicle transport and our commitment to a quality service are your guarantee of the safe and reliable delivery of your precious vehicle.

We run a fleet of regular delivery transporters from all over the UK and Ireland to southern Spain and Portugal.  We can collect your vehicle from your front door and deliver it to anywhere in those countries.  We are a professional and courteous company, with many decades of experience in car/auto shipping.

Get your Car-Go-Transport Quote NOW!

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